Amarillo's are a new selection of traditional varieties of yellow peach (Pavías), improved, with resistant skin without losing its traditional flavor

¿What's Amarillo's?

Description, features and flavor

Amarillo’s peaches are a new selection of traditional varieties of yellow peach, known as the essence of peaches whose marketing was very difficult due to their delicate skin. The application of natural techniques of genetic improvement have allowed us to obtain the new Amarillo’s peaches collection with a resistant skin capable of allowing its distribution but without losing its traditional flavor.

Amarillo’s peaches can be distinguished by their golden skin, with juicy yellow flesh. They are identified with “original” traditional peaches, as the fruits emanate a classic peach aroma and have an aromatic flavor with a balanced acidity and sweetness ratio.

Geographical distribution

We grow Amarillo’s peaches in different places in the Spanish geography, this allows us to have product available from the beginning of May to the end of October.


All Amarrillo’s peach producers have at least GlobalGap / GRASP certifications, which ensures controlled production, respectful of workers and the environment.


The product label, in addition to the mandatory information, includes a photograph of its producer, with it, he himself contributes his image as a guarantee of quality and origin.

It also has a QR code so that the consumer can interact with him, send comments and ratings.

Amarillo's has the same old flavor, a combination of sweetnees and acidity like the traditional peaches
Ana Rodriguez